Creative Dance For Children

A class where children explore their own movement repertoire and discover their moving skills

Improvisation and Composition (Intermediate & Advanced)

a class for dancers who want to explore improvisation and composition guided by Diana’s suggestions . Come ready to move non-stop from the beginning to the end. Dancing skills are necessary to attend this class.

“Movement for All”

This class is for people who like to dance, not necessarily to any particular dance style, but who want to use dance as a way to exercise, express themselves and keep fit. Diana will lead a class where movement, choreography and workout will merge together in a happy feeling inside you! This the perfect class or those who love to dance and once thought it is too late.

Contemporary Classes (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced)

These classes are set according to the level of the students. Diana teaches technique and performance skills in order to prepare dancers to the professional dance world. Diana's warm-up focuses on a high body awareness and built of stamina. These classes prepare students physically and mentally for a fast-learning pace. Students will learn movement phrases during the class



Do you want to do something fun and exciting for your wedding? Diana choreographs: 1st dance of bride and groom both conventional and non-conventional styles flash mobs/ guests performances Brings a group of professional dancers to dance in your wedding


Diana will meet you to know more about the concept of the event you are organizing and will discuss ideas with you different options of choreographies in order to enhance your event. Topics of discussion include: Concept of choreography Number of dancers Costumes Stage setting Lighting Design Music Budget



These workshops are planned according to the institution that makes the request. The workshops intend to: (A) introduce professionals (especially health and education) to the field of DMT (B) introduce patients who are interested in starting therapy to the DMT approach (C) introduce parents and families to DMT and clarifying what type of sessions would be appropriate to their family members